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Use Your Senses (Literally) to Determine If You Need to Call Your Lodi Auto Repair Experts

Girl Broke Down CarYou might not like the cost and headache associated with taking your vehicle to your Lodi auto repair expert, but sometimes, you can't help but get those repairs. And to lower the cost of those repairs, you need to catch them early, which you can do by using your senses to tell whether it's time to take your car to your Lodi auto repair specialist:

Look for "Check Engine" Lights

This is an easy sign to spot, and it's one we've all seen before: You see the warning lights are on. Unfortunately, though this is one of the most easily spotted signs of auto problems, it's not one of the easiest to understand yourself. So, when your dashboard lights come on, you need to take your car to your trusted Lodi auto repair expert.

Listen for Noises under the Hood

There's nothing like blasting your music while you drive wherever it is you need to go, but sometimes, you could benefit from turning that music off for a moment. After all, you can take that time to hear whether your car is making any noises. If you hear any knocking or other such strange sounds, take your car into your preferred shop.

Smell for Odd Smells

As your vehicle's components wear down, those components could begin to produce some pretty unnerving smells: burning and the like. The moment you detect those smells, you guessed it: You need to call your auto repair expert. Those smells could be a precursor to a much more serious (and potentially dangerous) problem down the line.

Feel for How Your Car Handles

It doesn't take long to get a feel for your car. So, should your car's "feel" start to feel different, you'll notice. And as soon as you notice that your car handles differently (oftentimes worse), you need to call an auto expert to give your car a look. After all, a differently functioning car could very well be a sign of issues developing, and you'll want to handle those issues sooner rather than later.

If your vehicle's transmission is making noises give our Lodi transmission repair experts a call at 209-366-0773 or complete our online request form.

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