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Use Your Senses (Literally) to Determine If You Need to Call Your Lodi Auto Repair Experts

Girl with broke down carYou might not like the cost and headache associated with taking your vehicle to your Lodi auto repair expert, but sometimes, you can't help but get those repairs. And to lower the cost of those repairs, you need to catch them early, which you can do by using your senses to tell whether it's time to take your car to your Lodi auto repair specialist … Read More

Lodi Vechicle Owners Should Be Wary of Transmission Noises

lodi transmission repairsWhen your vehicle starts making unexpected, unexplained, and unusual sounds, it is often a cause for concern. Without the required knowledge, training, and experience, it can be difficult to understand what is happening with your vehicle's engine and transmission. Whenever you are concerned about an ill sounding noise from your car, it is highly recommended that you solicit professional help … Read More

Why Lodi Vehicle Owners Should Trust Transmission Repairs with ATRA Certified Mechanics

atra certified transmission repairs lodi caSome of the most difficult auto repair tasks involve rebuilding automatic transmissions. The precision and skill necessary to restore a transmission to full operation are both rare and hard earned. Trusting the task with an unqualified mechanic can lead to frustrating and costly results. For these reasons, every vehicle owner should seek out an Automatic Transmissions Rebuilding Association certified mechanic for their transmission service needs … Read More

What Lodi Motor Vehicle Owners Should Know About Brake Repairs

brake repairs lodi caThe braking system of your motor vehicle must be kept in the best condition possible at all times. It goes without saying that your brakes are critical to the safety of you, your family, and other individuals on the roads. As such, every automobile owner has a responsibility to understand how their brakes work and to keep their brakes well maintained … Read More

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